3433 Learn to Tri

Bow Cycle knows a number of coaches and athletes from the Repsol Sport Centre and we can’t say enough good things about the programs they offer. The 3433 Learn 2TRI would be one of them. Course coming up soon if you are looking to try a Tri this summer! A little preparation can go a LOOOONG way in this sport! Check out the full details here.

“Are you interested in discovering the sport of triathlon and competing in a short race? The 3433 Learn 2TRI program is for you. Coached by our 3433 Endurance Coaches and designed to introduce adults to the sport of triathlon, this nine-week registered program will culminate in the Wasa Lake Triathlon on June 11, 2017. You can register for a swim and bike class, a bike and run class, or both. Our coaches will introduce to you this growing endurance sport while developing your technique, tactics and approach to racing.”