60 for 60

To celebrate 60 years of support from the Calgary community, we wanted to give back to a few charities that are close to our hearts.

For all of 2017 Bow Cycle is proud to be running the 60 for 60, with the goal of raising $60,000 split between Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families, Wellspring Calgary, and The Huntington Society of Canada.

Please help us help these incredible organizations!


We’re climbing towards our goal!


Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families

Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families, operating under the Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association (also the “Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families” or the “Association”), is a Calgary based, non-profit organization dedicated to our mission.

Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families has a long history of helping families. Originally founded over sixty years ago by a handful of visionary parents with children with disabilities, the organization’s primary role was to offer family focused support in the Calgary area. We have continued that mission, expanding into programs and services for individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy and similar neuromotor disabilities.

Though the name has changed, our mission remains true to our roots, and continues to support all individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy.


Wellspring Calgary

Wellspring Calgary exists to help those who hear these words: live well with cancer.

Wellspring Calgary has been delivering cancer supportive care since 2007 to anyone living with any type of cancer at any point on their journey. Resources and programs are available free of charge and without referral to those diagnosed, their families and primary caregivers. Our vision is no one has to face cancer alone.


The Huntington Society of Canada

The Huntington Society of Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization which raises funds to deliver individual and group counselling service to support individuals and families living with Huntington disease (HD) and to fund medical research to delay or stop the progression of the disease. The Society also works with health and social services professionals to enable them to better serve people living with HD.

Family is at the heart of our community. Our families and volunteers tell a powerful story of caring people who pull together to improve the quality of life for Canadians impacted by Huntington disease (HD). HD is a fatal hereditary brain disorder with devastating effects on both the mind and body. It is like having the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia all in one disease.

The good news is, with recent medical breakthroughs many researchers and scientists believe that once we are successful in stopping the progression of HD we will also find the answers to many other neurological diseases. Your valued support will bring us one step closer to this goal.


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