A present for us!

Bow Cycle has a new addition to the family and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them around here!

Salsa Cycles is now at Bow Cycle & Sports!!

So far we have the Cutthroat Rival

Salsa Cutthroat Rival

The Fargo Apex

Salsa Fargo

A Mukluk NX Eagle

Mukluk NX Eagle in raw carbon

A Beargrease Deore

Salsa Beargrease

Why are we so jacked on this brand? They’re cool and not just the bikes, the design, the people and the brand is amazing! We have lots of brands that are innovators (not saying Salsa isn’t) but these are designed for having fun it seems to me. Check out the Chase the Chaise report, biking is fun and you need to stop and figure things out if that is not where you are.

There will be a few more of the Salsa Cycles added as we go along here. Drop on by, we are stoked to try some of these bikes out!