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Wind, Thermal, Ventilation in balance. WTV is a new fabric from 7mesh that will change how you dress for fall, winter and shoulder season riding.


The Challenge

As every rider knows, wearing one piece that works all day beats stopping to stash or retrieve a layer every few miles - but that’s usually what ends up happening.

The Sweet Spot

WTV provides air permeability at just the right level to regulate hot, moist air going out, and cool air coming in - allowing you to ride in the same outfit all day over a wider temperature range.

How It Works

A stretch-woven exterior provides a breathable wind layer, while the brushed loft interior captures the warmth you need and lets out the excess. The result? A single layer to keep you going through shoulder season, winter and beyond.

Athlete Tested

Years in development, WTV was refined extensively with real-world feedback from our athletes and ambassadors riding in Fall, Winter, and Spring.