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Bowfit is Bow Cycle and Sports’ dedicated fit department. We believe that riding bikes should be fun, not painful.


Our purpose is to provide the best experience possible for new bike purchasers, and to save the cycling lifestyle for those whose bike has hurt or injured them. We empathize with the fact that people may not be perfectly symmetrical or have perfect posture. Therefore, we believe in fitting the bike to the person, not forcing the person into the bike.

Our goal is enabling cyclists to become one with their bike.

To accomplish this, we offer an array of fit products to suit all levels of need. Bowfit offers three levels of fit: Signature Bowfit, Complete Bowfit, and Body Geometry Sizing. Click below for a quick introduction for your fit.


Complete Bowfit*

$200 - $349

We believe that the complete Bowfit is something every cyclist would benefit from. From the most hardcore, to those just starting, every rider deserved to feel one with their bike.Our Bowfit is powered by Body Geometry fit, and Retül Vantage 3D Motion Capture. This complete fit enables riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort. Our philosophy was developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt, a leading bike fit expert from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and takes a holistic approach to bike fit. The Bowfit experience begins with an interview designed not only to address the riders concerns with regards to ridings issues and previous injuries, but also to establish their personal goals for the fit. The Bowfit then dives into a physical assessment where the riders bone structure, range of motion, and physical limitations are highlighted, and used to guide the following bicycle adjustment. Finally, we adjust every aspect of the bicycle in accordance with the riders goals and limitations with the help of the Retül Vantage Motion Capture Software.

Retül Vantage is the most accurate and comprehensive fit system on the market. It is a dynamic fit system, meaning data is captured as the riders pedal rather than in a mimicked stationary position. 4 Cameras detect the position of 8 LED markers several times each second, allowing for millimeter precision. One of the main advantages of this tool is the resultant hard data. During a fit, it is common for riders not to notice small adjustments and improvements. With this Vantage data, we can quantitatively show the rider how each adjustment changes the way they ride, providing assurance and trust.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]
*We book each Bowfit for 3 hours (or 3.5 hours for bikes with aero bars)

Signature Bowfit*


Our signature Bowfit service is more than just a bike fit; it is the complete bicycle experience. This fit is designed for the rider looking to give themselves, their bike, or their loved one, the all-star treatment. This service includes the Retül Vantage Bowfit (see below for more details), a complete mechanical overhaul, a membership to our Bow Cyclists Club, your choice of brand for new premium level saddle, handlebars, stem and bar tape, and more. The signature Bowfit service will comprise a minimum of two fit appointments. The first to determine the necessary touch points, and the second to make final adjustments to the touch points once installation is complete.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 203 ] 
*Will typically require ordering some parts

Youth Bowfit*


Here at Bow Cycle & Sports we believe that fit is just as important for a growing individual, as for one who has finished growing. Actively riding with an improper fit can create nagging issues for a young rider and may hinder their overall riding experience. Knee pain from an improperly placed saddle, and back pain from incorrect reach are common problems that plague young cyclists. Our youth fit service includes the complete Bowfit experience, as well as three follow up appointments which can be taken in turn in 6 months- 1 year increments. These follow up appointments will insure that your bike fit changes as you grow taller and your riding experience improves.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]
*Ages 12-17 – parental supervision required for fits 

Body Geometry Sizing*

$100 - $150

Our Body Geometry Sizing service is where we establish a neutral bike fit. A neutral fit is where optimal seat height, fore-aft, handlebar reach, and handlebar rotation are attained without knowing anything about your body. For this fit, we assume a perfectly healthy and symmetrical rider from left to right. We also assume proper saddle selection and neutral cleat placement. If for some reason the fitter notices any asymmetry in the riders pedal stroke or cockpit position, they may recommend upgrading to a complete Bowfit to optimize the riders performance and more importantly, enjoyment.

As of April this year, every road bike that we sell at the shop is eligible for a complementary Body Geometry Sizing Session with one of our qualified bicycle fitters.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]
*Complimentary BG Sizing Session with purchase of new bike is non transferable 

Handlebar Fit*


The sense of control while riding comes from properly fitting handlebars on a bicycle. Handlebars width increases proportionally with bicycle size, however the width may need to change depending on the riders shoulder width or their range of motion.  Proper handlebar position including handlebar reach, handlebar rotation, shifter position, and grip angle (for mtb only), will not only reduce back pain, neck pain, and numbness in the hands, but can also drastically improve the riders confidence on their bike.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]
*Includes labor change to rewrap road handlebars, but does not include new handlebar tape

Saddle Fit


Arguably the most important point of contact between the rider and their bicycle, a bicycle saddle can make or break your riding experience. 
Ask yourself four questions: 
  1. Do you feel pressure on your sit bones (you should)?
  2. Do you feel pressure or numbness on your soft tissue from the front of the saddle?
  3. Do you feel uncomfortable rubbing from the sides of the saddle?
  4. Do you constantly shift around on your saddle?
If you answer 'no' to the first question, or 'yes' to the following three, you need a new saddle. Our saddle fit service will find you the perfect saddle for your sit bone width and your desired riding experience.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]

Bike Zin


Travelling with your bike? Lending your bike to a friend? Looking for a new bike but love your old fit? We have a great solution for you! Our Retul zin tool will provide you with a very detailed report, which consists of precise measurement that can be used to recreate the exact set up of your bike. This report includes not only the basic measurements such as saddle height, fore-aft, and handlebar reach, but also some trickier measurements such as saddle angle, and hood angle. Too check out a sample of the Zin report, click on this Sample Zin Report.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]

Shoe Fit


Shoes are one of the most important points of contact between the rider and their bicycle. To avoid injury, every shoe and pedal combo sold at the shop is set up in a neutral position. Our shoe fit takes the next step to ensure optimal cleat rotation and fore-aft position with respect to the riders natural alignment. This position along with proper arch support ensures the rider with not only the easiest position to clip out of their pedals, but also reduces torque and any lateral movement of the knee while pedaling.  This is a great service for any individuals new to clips, or for the avid spin class attendee.
To book an appointment, call 403.288.5422[ press 231 ]



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