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Bow Cycle & Sports is proud to announce that we are the Canadian Retailer for FATWHEELS!

Over the years, this amazing product has enabled us to adapt bicycles of all sizes and for all sorts of abilities. Robust and with multiple designs to fit nearly any bicycle, FATWHEELS have given back access to riding for those with balance issues.


FATWHEELS have been difficult to acquire in Canada the last few years and we can't wait to supply Canadians again with this great product. If you have any questions about FATWHEELS, please email us as we are happy to help in any way we can. 

For Ontario and Quebec residents, please contact us through email for order fulfillment. 


Amazing product!

My son is 6 and is on the autism spectrum. We learned about FATWHEELS from another autism parent in our city and knew immediately that we had to try them. My son was never able to be successful with regular training wheels because the bike was too unstable, which he found scary and distracted him from peddling. As soon as we put the FATWHEELS on he was able to go out for a 45-minute bike ride for the first time in his life. The wheels give the bike complete stability and a comfortable ride. He loves biking and now goes every day. It has been a huge confidence booster, not to mention a ton of fun for all of us and a game changer in that it has given him a new outdoor activity to enjoy with the family. I cannot say enough good things about Fat Wheels.

— Ontario 5/112020


I want to thank you for giving my stepson the opportunity to feel included in being able to ride a bike, we had purchased the large fat wheels for my stepson Francis. He has autism so his ability for balance and the coordination to ride a bike is hard for him. He has hit so many milestones in life, I could not be happier with this purchase. I have searched and searched for things that would work for him, but he is just too big for a tandem co- pilot or a trail a gator. He is 11 years old turning 12 this year. To be able to find something that he can use as he grows is amazing. I had taken him out today to try and teach him the basics of pedaling, braking. He has slowly gotten the hang of it, still need to practice a bit more but practice makes perfect. His smile says it all the freedom he feels being able to ride a bike. We will have him continue to practice! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to see the joy on his face almost had me in tears. 

— Kathy, Calgary, Alberta 05/11/2020

Super Easy

It was really easy to install these wheels and get my kids bike up and running. He loves it, and the adjustability of the wheels makes it ideal for almost any bike.

— John, Edmonton, Alberta 04/30/2020


So glad we purchased these. They have made a world of difference for my 10-year-old. She now wants to ride her bike every day! With conventional training wheels she was always afraid and wanted someone to walk alongside her but now we can all go for a bike ride together and she can keep up with everyone. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

— K., Canada 08/07/2019

Need more info? Check out the FATWHEELS website!