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Peppermint Cycling Co.

Bow Cycle has carried them for a couple of years, but the secret is really out this year! Possibly the best women’s clothing line we have ever carried.


PEPPERMINT was born out of a desire to inspire the greatest number of active women to enjoy the benefits and fun of cycling in a predominantly male-led industry. Our recipe: to remain as authentic and humble as possible, to take inspiration from the various successful industries, to surround ourselves with the best, to be active and keep our social life without ever giving up.

We want to make sure that women feel welcomed in the cycling industry. We want to break the pattern. #breakthepattern 


We wanted a fun name that came out of the ordinary. “Pepper” and “Mint” bring a certain complementarity to one another, a more “rough” side versus a “softer” side, like our products, which are both refined but with character, technical but also aesthetically appealing.




PEPPERMINT wants to bring a breath of fresh air to cycling and the outdoors for women with products designed in Canada and a collective vision that continuously redefine women’s cycling experiences. PEPPERMINT aspires for women to feel good, to have a strong self-confidence and adopt cycling as a lifestyle.




PEPPERMINT’s desire to make things differently brought them to not only redefine the style of cyclists and active women but also to create a new culture for the women community, which inspires us every day. #breakthepattern


One of our focus is producing high quality products that fit perfectly with the cyclist code. Careful attention is given to everything from raw materials to designs that combine feminity and spirit. PEPPERMINT gear is refined, and inspired by functional clothing, allowing women to feel comfortable, proud and ready to ride. And it’s sure to turn heads!

And because we believe that style is an expression of individuality and that every cyclist should be able to find a look that’s right for her, our products and accessories are designed to be “Mix & Match”. 


Peppermint Cycling Co. Navy Thermal Bib Tights
$139.99 - $199.99 $199.99 Up To 30% Savings
Peppermint Cycling Co. Navy Sherpas Hybrid Vest
$124.99 - $179.99 $179.99 Up To 31% Savings
Peppermint Cycling Co. Navy Classic Tights
$89.99 - $129.99 $129.99 Up To 31% Savings