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Bikes have been an incredibly hot commodity in 2021 and the shortage of 2 wheels won’t change any time soon. With everyone on new bikes and winter fast approaching, what better way to use your new toy than put it on a trainer. Stationary bike trainers are an awesome tool to stay fit during the winter and have changed over the years. Users can range anywhere from a casual rider to a hard core cyclist (the occasionally pro cyclist scan be found on Zwift). Not to mention who wants to book an appointment to use the gym, when the appointment can be in your basement!

Trainers come in all shapes in sizes. Some are very simple and just use a mechanical magnetic resistance or use fluid to generate resistance whereas others will use electromagnetic resistance that is adjustable via Bluetooth on a smart device. Trainers such as the Wahoo Kickr series or Tacx Neos are exactly that. These trainers hook up to apps on your phone that manually or automatically adjust the resistance. They can be used to simply simulate rides virtually on apps like Zwift or Trainerroad. Or can be used as a structured training tool via heart rate or power readings. These apps serve a great way to ride indoors and mentally escape from the cold dark weather that Calgary has to offer.


The Smart trainers come in a couple of configurations. Some, such as the Wahoo Kickr Snap, are a wheel on trainer. These require a trainer tire to reduce noise and debris that would come from your stock tire. These trainers are easy to swap bikes on if multiple people are sharing the same trainer. Alternatively there is a direct drive system. This means removing the rear wheel and directly mounting the bike to the trainer. They tend of have a more realistic ride feel and are a quieter overall system. These are trainers such as the Wahoo Kickr Core, Kickr Power V5 and Tacx Neo 2T. There are add-ons to increase ride feel such as Kickr Climb, Kickr Headwind and Kickr Axis. These are the go to trainers for the avid cyclist.

Beyond these trainers, we move into smart bikes that are adjustable to nearly every size of person. These include the Kickr Bike and StagesBike. These smart bikes are a permanent piece of your pain cave and are for the very serious enthusiasts.

Apart from trainer tires, the must-haves are a mat for underneath your trainer and a towel to protect your bike from sweat.

Grab a trainer from the experts at Bow Cycle and keep riding!