Bow Cycle Jr Tech Program

Thank you to all who applied, the Bow Cycle Jr Tech program has been filled for 2019.

Volunteer Job Description

Day Volunteer Bicycle Mechanic. We are looking for future mechanics between the ages of 14-17

Outline of Volunteer’s Responsibilities

Bow Cycle & Sports volunteers assist in bicycle assembly, bicycle build prep, daily cleaning tasks. Based on qualifications and opportunity, some volunteers will assist qualified mechanics in bicycle repair.

What to Expect

Support Plan

Volunteers work under the direct supervision of various qualified technicians, or staff members who will provide task specific training as needed.

Time Commitment

Volunteers will typically be asked to commit at least 5 hours a week. Participation in more sought after tasks may require a greater time commitment. Volunteering is on a seasonal basis and chosen volunteers will be given a beginning and end date to their commitments.

Volunteer Date Calendar

Qualifications Needed

Depends on tasks.


Depending on the type of tasks, volunteers may be eligible for discounted items. All Bow Cycle & Sports volunteers will receive credit in our monthly newsletter. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills from qualified technicians and staff, gain connections in the industry, while supporting a healthy way of life in the community. Upon successful completion of the volunteer program, volunteers will be awarded with a professional letter of reference and potential to transfer into employment.


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What is your Dream bicycle?


What is your Dream ride location?


What are you hoping to learn through our 90 hour Jr. Tech program?


What bike do you currently ride?


Where do you currently ride?


Why do you want to be a part of Bow Cycle & Sports?


What experience have you had with bicycle repair?
WheelsShifting AdjustmentBrake AdjustmentOther (please specify)


Are you able to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours to our program every week from April to August?


Are you available on Saturdays or/and Sundays?