Bow Summer Bike Challenge


Friday, June 30th Noon – 8pm

What is the Bow Cycle Kids Summer Bike Challenge?

Bow Cycle’s new kid inspired biking program is an initiative to motivate kids to be active and on their bikes this summer. Similar to a library reading program, each week participants pledge to ride 45 or 75 minutes a week to win awesome prizes. The program runs 9 weeks: July 1 to August 31, 2018.

Please CLICK HERE to review the Bow Cycle Kids Summer Bike Challenge FAQ!

How can I sign up?

Download the Bow Cycle Kids Summer Bike Challenge Participation Form from by clicking here and start riding!

Who can participate?

Any child age 15 and under that can ride a bike, trail-a-bike, trike, big wheel etc.

How do I participate?

Ride your bike! It’s that simple.
Ride your bike for 45 minutes a week if you are ages 8 or under. Ride your bike 75 minutes a week if you are 9-15. Any riding you do counts! Anything from riding around the block, to the park, at the park, family rides, group rides, riding around in your driveway!

How do I get stamps and prizes?

Write down the minutes and dates you ride on your log sheet (have an adult help you if you need). Each week you meet the goal minutes of bike riding, bring your log sheet to the store, get a stamp and retrieve your prize.

For each week you ride (and get a stamp) you’ll be entered to win a new bike! Ride all 9 weeks, that’s 9 entries! Draw will be held Wednesday, September 5, 2018. You do not need to be present to win- just submit a copy of your completed log to the store.

What if we start the challenge late?

You can join the challenge at any time.