Bow Cyclist Club

Welcome to the 2019 Bow Cyclist Club.

We are dedicated to providing multiple weekly road rides for a wide range of riding/fitness levels.

This year, there will be at least 4 ride options to let you pick the speed/type of ride you wish to partake in.

Membership in the Bow Cyclists includes a piece of Bow Cyclist jersey, socks, in-store discounts and sponsor discounts.

Rides will leave from the shop. As well you are welcome to join in on the Saturday longer rides, a new Thursday night drop ride, Tuesday night mountain bike rides and fat bike rides in the winter. Starting at the beginning of May (sometimes sooner, weather dependent. This year we will be organizing more demo rides, more event rides, once a month we will offer a south ride, and more social evening rides.

You may take out a racing license and ride under the Bow Cyclists banner.

For your $155 (Early Bird), you will receive:

  • A general Alberta Bicycle Association Membership
  • A Bow Cyclist Jersey
  • Invite to a wrap up party
  • Bell for inner city rides
  • BCC Socks
  • Discount at National and Leopold’s Tavern


  • All BowCyclists enjoy a 20% discount on parts, clothing and accessories at Bow Cycle & Sports!
  • Weather permitting, rides begin in May and last until September.
  • Monday No Drop Road Ride 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Tuesday No Drop Road Ride 10:00am-noon , Two options
  • Tuesdays Night; MTB or Gravel Ride, location TBD week of ride. (Intermediate and Advanced riders)
  • Wednesday nights at 6:00pm-9:00pm (all riders)
  • Thursday nights Ladies No Drop Ride 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Saturday Drop Ride 10:00am-2:00pm  (Ride will move to 9:00am in July)
  • Sunday No Drop Ride at 10:00am
  • Leaving from Bow Cycle & Sports’ Service Entrance
  • Seasonal Fat Bike Rides (rentals available through Bow Cycle) Dec – Feb
  • Seasonal Zwift rides in store or remote group rides (Dec – Feb)

All rides subject to weather/change.

We observe the rules of the road during the rides and expect our members to do the same.

We invite you to join the club on Strava as well! Share your rides and cheer on your teammates!

Sign up here!


Maintain a Steady Pace
Group rides are not a race to “attack”, speed up without warning or jump around another rider. When slowing, break softly or leave room in front of you to decelerate. Use hand signals for hazards, obstacles, and when pulling off.

Pace Lines
Single pace lines will be used leaving from Bow Cycle & Sports and used at all times. Always pull off to the left.

If you see a rider get a flat, two riders should always stop to attend. If you are the last rider in the group and you see someone get dropped, ease up and ride with them. You can catch up with the group at the next rest point.

Signal and yell to alert the riders behind you that you are stopping or slowing.

Signal by waving your hand behind your back to move out from hazards up ahead, such as barriers or parked cars.

Point out potholes and hazards. Do this well before the hazard is near and move over. Pointing and a waving action denotes loose gravel or debris.

Pull Through
A gentle flick of the elbow indicates that you want the next rider to come through.

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