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Bow Fit 

Bow Fit is Bow Cycle and Sports’ dedicated fit department. We believe that riding bikes should be fun, not painful. Our purpose is to provide the best experience possible for new bike purchases, and to save the cycling lifestyle for those whose bike has hurt or injured them. We empathize with the fact that people may not be perfectly symmetrical or have perfect posture. Therefore, we believe in fitting the bike to the person, not forcing the person into the bike. Our goal, then, is enabling cyclists to become one with their bike. To accomplish this, we offer an array of fit products to suit all levels of need. Bow Fit offers three levels of fit: Signature Bow Fit, Complete Bow Fit, and Body Geometry Sizing.

Signature Bow Fit

Our Signature Bow Fit will be the pinnacle of the Bow Fit program. We are currently developing this product and will be announcing it soon.

Complete Bow Fit

Road, Hybrid, & Mountain


TT & Tri


Our Complete Bow Fit is powered by Body Geometry Fittm. Body Geometry Fittm enables riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort. Developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt, a leading bike fit expert, Body Geometry takes a holistic approach to bike fit. This fit has three components: an interview, a physical assessment, and a complete bike adjustment.

The interview process sets the goal(s) for the bike fit as well as addressing areas for compromise such as injuries or other concerns. We ask the cyclists to prioritize between the three pillars of fit: power, sustainability, and aero-dynamics. This can inform the fitter how to tweak a neutral position so that the cyclist has the best chance to reach their goals.

The physical assessment gives our fitters a very detailed picture of how the cyclist’s body works. It accounts for both bone structure and muscular flexibility. It includes 18 different tests that assess the cyclist from the fore-foot all the way up to the neck. This process is very important as it can highlight asymmetries in joint range of motion, bone length differences, postural disturbances, arch collapse, and medial-lateral knee deflection.

From this point we can then start adjusting the bicycle. The bicycle adjustment process covers all aspects of bike fit, starting at the seat and finishing with knee-tracking. We start by neutrally setting the cleats on the shoe. We make sure the seat is the right shape and width, and then set it in a neutral position.  We assess the handle bar for shape and width, and then we get it in a neutral position. We then assess knee-tracking, and adjust by manipulating the shoe-pedal interface. During the process we use the knowledge of Body Geometry Fittm as well as its products to neutralize asymmetries and provide support where it is needed. We also tweak the neutral position towards the goals of the cyclist.

The entire process can take up to 3 hours, or 3.5 hours for bikes with aero-bars, but often takes less time. We book the full 3 or 3.5 hours of the fitter’s time just in case it is needed. We believe that the Complete Bow Fit is something every cyclist deserves, from the most hardcore to those just starting, because everyone should feel one with their bike.

Body Geometry Sizing

Road, Hybrid, & Mountain


TT & Tri


Sizing included with new Road and Tri bike purchases

** Original Purchaser only **

Our Body Geometry Sizing is a complementary service provided with the purchase of a new road bike. It covers ‘The Basics’: getting your saddle height to a neutral position, making sure your knee is positioned properly over the pedal during the down stroke, and adjusting the handle bars to achieve a neutral position on top of the bike. The goal of Body Geometry Sizing is to quickly and efficiently achieve a neutral position on the bike. We do this by getting right to the bike adjustment process. Using one side of the cyclist, we measure and adjust the bike. Although this is quick and efficient, we have to assume a few things about the cyclist and their bike. We assume the rider is symmetrical side to side, which may not be the case, and we assume the cyclist’s cleats are set neutrally and the saddle is the proper choice. If our fitters notice asymmetries in the pedal stroke or in cockpit position, we may recommend upgrading to a Complete Bow Fit so we can neutralize the asymmetries. If the cleats or seat need some attention, we also offer fits specifically for them:

Shoe Fit


Our shoe fit uses the experience and precision of our fitters to ensure your cleats are set up neutrally. This ensures that it is easier to get in and out of the pedal, avoids torque on the knee which can lead to injury, and helps alleviate hot spots within the shoe. We take the time to mark the cyclist’s 1st and 5th metatarsals so that we can set the fore-aft of the cleat on the shoe. We then assess each foot for the angle of toe in-out and then position the cleat fits right in the center. We can also measure the arch to see if a foot bed is needed to support for arch collapse.

Seat Fit


The seat is the most important contact point on the bicycle. It is the base for the entire fit of the bike, if the saddle is the incorrect width or shape, it can create unnecessary pain, numbness, and loss of power. Our seat fit process starts by measuring the Ischial Tubersosity width of the cyclist. From here we take into account the cockpit position of the bike, as well as the cyclist’s desired experience, and provide a few options to try out on the bike. Without riding the saddle for a few weeks it is hard to determine if the saddle is correct. We recommend trying the saddle out and if we need to switch again, we can return the saddle and try another.

Bar Fit


Our Bar Fit process is for cases where the seat and shoes are fit properly but the front of the bike needs some attention. Often this is from incorrect width of the handle bar. We can assess for proper width, swap the handle bar, make sure the controls are set properly, and re-tape the bar.


*Does not include gst, parts, or accessories.

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