Dogs in West Bragg Creek

We all love our dogs but we also need to be responsible pet owners. Taking your dog out to the parks is great, fresh air and exercise does us all good. But… please be aware of the rules surrounding pets.

West Bragg Creek is no exception and with the enlarged parking area even more people are out enjoying nature with their pets.

Guidelines for Dogs in WBC

  • Dogs are permitted on the West Bragg Creek Trails, but please be a responsible dog owner.
  • Dogs must be on-leash in the Provincial Recreation Area (PRA), including the parking lot and surrounding area, otherwise you could be fined.
  • Outside of the PRA, dogs must be under control at all times.
  • Do not allow dogs to harass livestock, wildlife (which is illegal) or other trail users.
  • If skiing with a dog on a leash, a short leash is recommended, as a long leash presents a safety hazard to yourself and other skiers.
  • Please remove your dog’s waste from the trail by flicking off the tread surface or by bagging it.
  • Please do not bag your dog waste unless you take it with you to the nearest garbage receptacle. NEVER leave bagged dog waste on or adjacent to a trail. Do not throw bagged dog waste into the woods!
  • Please see map of PRA boundary (dogs must be on leash within PRA boundary)
West Bragg Creek PRA Boundary

West Bragg Creek PRA Boundary

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