New bike post!

Some people like their birthday, some people like Christmas, other their anniversary. You work in a bike shop, it’s probably when a new bike comes out. Good or bad, we remember the new bikes. When Softrides came out, we were there, when full suspension with two inches of travel came out we remember when. Now we have the Norco Section.

Norco has been knocking it out of park for the last few years, in both build and (yes it is important) colour ways. The Thresholds, Aurums, new kids bikes have all been great examples of this.  And now the Section. We have been sitting on talking about this bike for a while but now we can.

What I like about the Section is that it is a true cross over bike. What we have had previously are cross bikes with gravel gears, road bikes with bigger tires and basically mountain bikes with drop bars. But here we have the road bike made for adventure.

Drop by and check out the new bikes and get ready for a great 2019!

Fear is for your 23 c tires.

It’s just the picture that is foggy, it’s real!

Gravel, no problem

Too fast for photography

Bow Cycle is bringing in the two following ones for stock but will have access to the full Norco line up!

Section Aluminum 105 Mech

Section Aluminum 105 Mech Women’s