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Looking for a fun way to get the family excited about the winter months? Have you ever tried snowshoeing? Atlas Snowshoes offers a premium product at a very affordable cost to get out outside and have fun. With their Light-Ride Suspension (LRS) technology you get both comfort and function. LRS allows for better more natural articulation as well as softening the impact. Atlas provides snowshoes for everyone from beginner to mountaineer. For the complete package add a set of poles to the mix for better stability when navigating obstacles or breaking trail. Drop by Bow Cycle and check out the Atlas snowshoe line up.

Atlas Access
Allowing you to maximize your natural gait on rolling and uneven terrain, the Access delivers comfort and confidence to its wearer, thanks to a heel-lift bar, Wrapp™ Trail binding, and Light-Ride™ Suspension. Size: 23" Wmns 25" 27" Wmns 30" Heel Lift Yes Suspension Light-Ride Suspension Snowshoe Series All Mountain


V-Frame™: A proprietary Atlas shape, our sturdy aluminum V-Frame™ is the key to an efficient, natural stride. The V shape tracks straight in deep snow, and the tapered tail pulls less snow as you step forward, saving your energy. The turned-up tail of the V-frame™ rolls easily into each step for a natural gait. Built with lightweight, durable 6061-series aluminum, the V-frames™ are used on all Atlas snowshoes, including our new Youth Series. Light-Ride™ Suspension: Light-Ride™ Suspension (LRS) is the perfect blend of comfort and function, allowing your foot to articulate naturally and cushioning impact for smooth striding on mellower terrain. Wrapp™ Trail Binding: Comfortable and easy-to-use, the Wrapp™ Trail men's and women's bindings are easy to enter and exit while cradling the foot securely. Nytex Decking: Flexible Nytex decking is forgiving and quiet when hiking in the cold, providing durability without the weight. Heel Lift Bar: On steep climbs, calf muscles tire quickly and traction decreases when your foot matches the slope angle. The heel lift bar eases fatigue and ties directly into Advanced Aft Traction for grip. Twin-Trac™ Toe Crampon: Sure footing on two planes, the Twin-Trac™ toe crampon uses a sturdy row of front points and two side teeth to keep your foot from twisting. Advanced Aft Traction: Our surest grip comes from sharp ice tips on the heel cleat with four angled, ridged side rails for superior all-mountain traction. The integrated heel lift bar ties directly into the traction for deeper penetration with each step.

Sizing Chart:

Snowshoe Size (in)Optimal Load (lbs)
23 Inches Wmns80-160 lbs
25 inches120-200 lbs
27 inches Wmns120-200+ lbs
30 inches150-250 lbs
Atlas Helium Trail
The Atlas Helium Trail is an ultra-lightweight snowshoe for those looking for efficiency and stability on flat trails or rolling terrain. Helium Decking makes this snowshoe far less prone to having snow build up on top of the decking, keeping it lighter so you can hike out further and faster than you ever have before. The Wrapp Trail Binding can easily be adjusted for your size and style of boot and offers plenty of responsiveness and control. The Traction Rails are curved and set in close to the foot to deliver sidehill traction. The Pivot Limiter sits lower in the decking to keep rooting your strides closer to the ground for more efficiency. An Aft Deck Fin has been added at the rear of the tail to keep you tracking straight, when the snow gets deep. The Rounded Edge of the Helium Series allows the snowshoe to settle into the snowpack rather than diving to one side, making this a great option for the novice or inexperienced trekker. * Helium Decking * Wrapp Trail Binding * Helium Trail Crampon * 19 Degree Heel Lift * 175 sq in Heel Lift * Traction Rails * 3.55lbs./pair (@26in) * Unisex Sizing * 220lbs max load on 26" Size: 23" 26"
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