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Steadyrack Steady rack Classic Rack

Steadyrack Steady rack Classic Rack
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Looking for the ultimate bike storage solution? Safely and securely store your bike without any heavy lifting with our Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack. Designed to pivot almost 180 degrees and fold flat for maximum storage space efficiency, our Classic Racks can be mounted on virtually any wall.

- Minimize space without compromising safety.
- No heavy lifting required.
- Universal fit.
- Collapsible and easy to install.

*For aero bike frames or Specialised S Works bikes, use a Steadyrack Fender Rack.

BOX DIMENSIONS 12 x 12 x 72 cm

Take advantage of the Steadyrack's patented swivel design to store more bikes in less space and save valuable space in front of your walls. Once the bike is loaded, the rack swivels to either side. Loading and unloading individual bikes is made easier too; since you simply swivel the adjacent bikes out of the way.

Multiple Steadyracks can be staggered and installed in as little as 4 inches of space between them to maximize the number of bicycles stored in the area.

Part Numbers

9339859000048 11000 27-132-B-SCSR-004
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