Why We Ride – 7th Edition

Why We Ride!

“We ride for fun. We ride for fitness. We ride to get from here to there, to free ourselves from the daily grind, and to make our world a better place through bikes. Sometimes we ride for no reason at all.

We ride because we love how riding a bike creates a cool breeze on a still morning and how, after a long day at work, hopping on a bike makes us feel like the day has only begun. We ride so that our kids can enjoy the simple pleasure of two-wheeled adventures around the neighborhood. We ride to make familiar places new again.

But mostly, we ride because it’s fun.” –

I can’t say it better, here why we ride …

Dave Porteous (Speedy) – Recently departed from the sales staff

Why do you ride? Freedom! And it’s awesome for my arthritic hip.

Favourite bike of all time? Kurt’s original Kona Hot with Reynolds 853 steel and that original paint job.

Favourite ride of all time? Has to be Powder Face. I think that was my first real mountain bike trail ride so many years ago.

Dream ride? Touring through the back roads of France looking for fine wine and good cheese.

Kona Hot

Image stolen from somewhere on the internet

Andrew Besenski – the multi-talented Mechanic

Why do you ride? I ride because I love to ride, there is nothing quite like the feeling of coasting on two wheels, using nothing but your own two legs. My favourite part of riding a bike, is the Hills. There is some odd mystery that drives me to want to discover what is continually on the other side. It is also very gratifying when you crest the ridge of an epic climb, and you can see with your own eyes that after all that challenging work, there is still more to discover. It helps that with every up hill, there is a fantastic down hill just on the other side. Riding a bike can be very peaceful at times, you don’t have to go fast, you don’t have to have a destination in mind, you just get on, and start pedaling. But, it can also be super intense at times, like when you are flying down a hill, matching the speed of traffic, and you must decide how you are going to get across two lanes of traffic without making any mistakes, so you can hit that green light at the bottom. I love that when you ride a bike, its always different, and its constantly keeping you on your toes.

Favourite bike of all time? Well I am a sucker for unique handmade bikes, I also really like when bikes are functional and can carry all your personal junk around. My favourite bike is a special made frame, it was designed as a show bike for NAHBS 2018, Its called the Ultra Nutmegger. It was a collaboration between Skylar bikes, and the ultra endurance athlete Benedict AKA. Ultra Romance. The bags were designed and handmade by Andrew the Maker. This bike is my dream touring rig. If only they made production models!

Editor's note - yeah, I get why it's a dream bike!  Photo via

Editor’s note – yeah, I get why it’s a dream bike! Photo via


 Favourite ride of all time? My favourite ride of all time would have to be one of my first bike adventure overnighter’s. I was living in Kelowna at the time and had just finished building up my very own Surly Ogre, specifically for bikepacking. I had a friend at the time who was already pretty into bikepacking and he had a route all mapped out that would take us up along the west side of Okanagan Lake to Summerland, and after Summerland we climb straight up into the clouds. We spent the night on the shore of Osprey Lakes where it poured all night long and continued into the morning when we started our journey home. This became my favourite ride ever, because as we were riding back down the mountain, we passed through the cloud line and instantly the temperature changed so drastically from foggy rain to scorching hot, that all my riding gear was dried within minutes. After coming out from cloud cover, we descended for what seem like forever, and it spit us out right beside a lakeshore bistro, which was ideal since we didn’t pack much for breakfast. That was the day I fell in love with bike touring and bikepacking, because it didn’t matter how lousy the day started, it became one of the best days ever.

Dream ride? Its hard to pick a specific “Dream Ride” because every ride is a dream, but if I had to pick one Dream Grand Adventure, it would be to ride the North and South islands of New Zealand, Solo and self supported. But instead of just riding on the road, I would map out a route that took as many unridden trails as possible, that way I could get out of that tourist feel and really delve into the nature of New Zealand.

Brent Simard – The mover and shaker

Why do you ride? To stay healthy. To reduce my carbon footprint, and most importantly because it is the most fun activity in the whole world.

Favourite bike of all time? 2000 stumpy. V-brakes. Hardtail. M2 aluminum

Favourite ride of all time? Touring through the mountains of Japan for a week.

Dream ride? Biking through Europe would be great