Ride with Bow Cycle

Ride with Bow Cycle

Bow Cycle & Sports provides a number of opportunities for fitness and training depending on your goals and skill levels – whether you are preparing for a gran fondo, are developing your group riding skills, or just want a group of people to ride with. We welcome individuals to join our rides. If you’re looking for rides outside of our usual schedule, connect with other club members via Strava or Facebook. This being a club and there obviously being some dangers out there in the world, we will have a waiver for you to sign (before your second ride with us) just to keep us safe.

About our ride leaders: Each of our summer group rides are led by a ride leader (unless specifically indicated). Ride leaders act as a host of the ride, and are there to help navigate groups along the designated route, ensure individuals are riding in a safe manner, and facilitate any concerns. Ride leaders always welcome feedback and encourage individuals to ask questions, voice a concern, or even tell us how much fun you’re having.

Club versus Non-Club: We seem to be offering choices here, well, we are. Not everyone wants a formal team and feel required to show up for things and some people need firm commitments. So we are offering both. The Bow Cyclists and Bow Cyclist Ladies are a Bow Cycle club with waivers, fees, jerseys, and discounts, other rides merely have waivers.

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Starting late spring, the Bow Cyclists start their Wednesday Night No Drop rides. These are road bike rides and  always leave from Bow Cycle & Sports. Speeds generally vary from 20-28 kph. Our goal is to ensure our group rides and safe and fun!

Summer Riding Schedule (April 1 – September 30) 
Start Location: Bow Cycle & Sports – 6501 Bowness Road NW.
Start Time: 6:30PM


Bow Cyclist Ladies Rides are hosted every Thursday during Spring/Summer months (same start time and ride routes as Wednesday Night Club Rides). This ride is intended for women and is led by members of our Women’s Ambassador Team.

Summer Riding Schedule (April 1 – September 30) 
Start Location: Bow Cycle & Sports – 6501 Bowness Road NW.
Start Time: 6:30PM

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Starting Late Spring and lasting until the weather turns, the Sunday Morning Bow Cyclist rides leave Bow Cycle & Sports at 10am. The rides are roughly two hours in time, returning to Bow Cycle & Sports. Unless the group has a wide variety of riders, we will ride as one group and this will be a no-drop ride.

Summer Riding Schedule (April 1 – September 30) 
Start Location: Bow Cycle & Sports – 6501 Bowness Road NW.
Start Time : 10:00am


Start location:  Bow Cycle & Sports – 6501 Bowness Road NW
Start Time : 9:00AM, roughly 3 hours long


Start location:  Bow Cycle & Sports – 6501 Bowness Road NW
Start Time: 9:00AM


Start location:  Please check calendar below
Start time: Please check calendar below


Maintain a Steady Pace
Group rides are not a race to “attack”, speed up without warning or jump around another rider. When slowing, break softly or leave room in front of you to decelerate. Use hand signals for hazards, obstacles, and when pulling off.

Pace Lines
Single pace lines will be used leaving from Bow Cycle & Sports and used at all times. Always pull off to the left.

If you see a rider get a flat, two riders should always stop to attend. If you are the last rider in the group and you see someone get dropped, ease up and ride with them. You can catch up with the group at the next rest point.

Signal and yell to alert the riders behind you that you are stopping or slowing.

Signal by waving your hand behind your back to move out from hazards up ahead, such as barriers or parked cars.

Point out potholes and hazards. Do this well before the hazard is near and move over. Pointing and a waving action denotes loose gravel or debris.

Pull Through
A gentle flick of the elbow indicates that  you want the next rider to come through.

Image source: cyclingtips.com.au


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