Salsa Mountain Bike Launch!!

We’re very excited to pull the curtains back on the new Salsa Mountain Bike Line. The line features 3 new models.

Spearfish – 29” progressive XC bike. Sporting 100mm of Split Pivot suspension and a 120mm fork, it’s the go-to bike for fast and fun weeknight trail rides or peak efficiency in endurance and XC efforts.

Spearfish Courtesy Salsa

Horsethief – 29” trail and all-around bike. Featuring 120mm of Split Pivot rear suspension and a 140mm fork, it’s inspired by open-ended rides that could lead anywhere—perhaps even to a post-ride beverage with a scenic view.


Horsethief Courtesy Salsa


Pony Rustler – 27.5” playful trail bike. With 130mm of Split Pivot suspension travel out back and a 150mm fork, we designed and built it for riders who make the most of every trail feature—popping off rocks and roots, sending drops, boosting doubles, railing berms.


Pony Rustler Courtesy Salsa

For more information please check out Salsa Website or call us with any questions!

Wondering what they look like in person? Drop by tomorrow for our Salsa Launch and test the salsa!