Service School

Service School 2019/20

Check below for full details on course topics, fees, and dates. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Basic Maintenance $80 plus gst and service fee

                Our basic maintenance course introduces students to the basic functions of bicycles. Our experienced mechanics teach you how to adjust gears and brakes, repair flat tires, adjust bearings, true wheels, and other maintenance tips that are essential for every cyclist to know. We will provide the bicycles for this course and will do our best to closely match what you have at home. This course is taught on Thursday evenings at our main store location, it requires a minimum of four participants and a maximum of 6. We will cancel the course with 48 hours notice if the minimum number is not met.

Complete Overhaul $250 plus gst and service fee (Includes book)

In this course our mechanics help students perform a complete overhaul on their own bike. The course will cover the removal and re-installation of all parts on the bike as well as the overhaul of loose or sealed bearing hubs, bottom brackets and headsets. This is a great opportunity for individuals already considering a complete overhaul, or who want to learn more about the functions of their bike. For this course we require participants drop their bikes off a minimum of 2 weeks before the course so we can assess the condition of the bike and order any necessary parts. This course is taught over two days during the weekend and requires a minimum of two participants and maximum of four we reserve the right to cancel with 48 hours notice if the minimum is not met and refuse bikes based on condition.  *Please note this does not include brake bleeding or suspension overhauls.

 Rent-a-Tech  $100/hour

Our rent-a-tech program allows you to fully customize your course. In this program we can cover any subject and teach it in a way that works best for you. With this option you rent one of our experienced mechanics for however long is necessary to fully cover the desired subject. We recommend this for brake bleeding and fork overhauls as we can spend a lot more time focusing on the intricacies of your specific system rather than trying to cover a wide range of products. Dates for this course are negotiable and it has no minimum number of participants.

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Thursday evenings (6:00PM – 8:00PM) and Saturdays and Sundays (10AM – 5PM )

Basic Maintenance
October 17 24
November 7 14 21 28
December  5
January  9 16 23 30
February 6 20 27
Complete Overhaul
October 19/20 26/27
November 16/17
December 7/8 14/15
January 11/12 18/19 25/26
February  1/2 8/9 23/24 29/1


General Information

  • Courses will be cancelled or postponed if not enough  people are registered
  • Courses will be offered from October to February  inclusive
  • All attendees will receive 15% off the purchase of parts  and tools directly related to each course
  • All tools are supplied
  • Bring clothes that can get dirty
  • Any registrants 15 years and younger must have an  adult or guardian present during the course
  • Call for custom courses
  • Course prices do not include GST
  • Registration for courses is available online through  Eventbrite
  • A course outline will be sent to participants after  registering