The new rental fleet

You may not know this but Bow Cycle rents bicycles! Lots of them too! We rent racks, travel cases, gate covers and wheels too but back to the bikes. I know, you saying “it’s winter, what do I care!” Well, you care because we rent fat bikes!!

Fatbiking is a great way to keep outside, spend hours riding (and enjoy it), make new friends, and work on your patience. With tires ranging from 4-5 inches, these bicycles are literally made for winter.

So to recap your reasons.

Outside, well yeah, the trainer is fun and a great way work on parts of your riding but doesn’t compare with being outside and getting sunlight.

Spend hours riding, you think nothing of going for a four hour ride on your road bike or an epic ride on your mountain bike but apart from Kurt no one spends hours on the trainer, well at least no sane person.

Make new friends, your friends may not have found out about this segment of biking, and you never know you you will met on the trails and as a side benefit, fatbiking isn’t like mountain biking it brings everyone a bit closer in ability.

Patience – yeah, going to break you some bad news, you will not be fast but…. you are going to have so much fun you won’t care.

What does Bow carry for Fat bikes? Check them out! All of these will get riding through the winter. Hitch racks available for rent to get them there.



Specialized Fatboy SE

Norco Sasquatch

2016 Norco Sasquatch


and for those of you looking for mountain bike speed on a fat bike, we have a Cube Nutrail Fatbike Hybrid.

Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500

Hop over to the rental page and book yours now!