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Our Team

When you are North America’s biggest bike store, you end up with a lot of employees! Here are some of the faces you will find at Bow Cycle.

Darrell Elliott

Darrell Elliott was born, raised, and still resides in Bowness with his wife and two children. Darrell attended grade school in Bowness and after graduation in 1988, went on to post secondary education at the University of Calgary.

Since Jr. High School, Darrell has had a keen interest in riding and working on bicycles influenced by his older brother who was into triathlon and cycle touring. His brother would get him to help clean his bikes and perform routine maintenance. Little did Darrell know, the seed was planted for what would turn into a career in the bicycle industry. In High School, Darrell had a part time job at a gas station and one day decided to ask the guys at Bow Cycle if they needed help in the shop. He was always in the shop buying parts for bikes and was hired immediately and began working as a bicycle mechanic in 1988.

For the following 7 years, Darrell worked part time at Bow Cycle while attending the University of Calgary. He studied Kinesiology for a year before pursuing one of his dreams to cycle tour for a year in New Zealand and Australia. Upon returning, Darrell studied sciences for five more years before deciding to pursue a full time job at Bow Cycle as a bicycle mechanic in 1996.

Darrell worked full time at Bow Cycle for the following nine years spending his spare time skiing and mountain biking. Throughout this time, he became the service manager and helped develop the service aspect of Bow Cycle.

In 2004, Darrell along with four other long term employees purchased Bow Cycle. With a brand new 23,000 square foot facility to work with, they moved the location down the street and created one of the largest single location independent bicycle shops in North America.

David Leung

Dave Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong. He attended politec in Hong Kong for three years where he studied electrical engineering. As a young person, Dave loved to play soccer and enjoyed riding bicycles. Since the invention of the computer, he has always been involved with them in one way or another.

Dave moved to Canada in 1974 and attended a one year transfer program in business at Medicine Hat College. In 1975, he moved to Edmonton and completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree. In 1978, Dave moved to Vancouver and worked for an importing/ exporting company. In 1979, he moved to Calgary where he had the opportunity to work as an accountant at Nu-West Homes. He worked for Nu-West Homes until 1983, then changed jobs and worked for an Investment company in Calgary for a one year period.

In February of 1984, Dave began working for Bow Cycle and gained his CMA designation in September of that year as well. He took care of accounting for both the motorcycle and bicycle aspects of the business for a twenty year period before buying into the bicycle shop in 2004 along with four other long term employees.

Dave is currently the controller at Bow Cycle & Sports (his business partners call him the bean counter). Dave keeps the administrative side of the business running smooth and makes sure all the bills get paid.

John Franzky

John Franzky (aka “Franzky”) was born in Hinton, Alberta where he lived for three years before moving to Calgary. He currently resides in Calgary with his wife and two children.

Franzky attended grade school in Calgary and graduated from John G. Diefenbaker High School in 1985. While in Jr. high and high School, John played hockey, football, rugby, and enjoyed skateboarding. John held jobs as a newspaper carrier, maintenance person at Westborne Sr. Citizens Home, Mr. Mike’s Restaurant, Yum Yum Tree Restaurant, Woodward’s Food Floor, Sunshine Tree Farm, as well as working at a geological core sampling facility.

From a young age, John was into riding bikes and after attending Mount Royal, Franzky worked as a bike courier in downtown Calgary. In 1988, he got a job working at the Calgary Stock Exchange as a floor trader. In 1989/90, Franzky worked part time at Ridley’s Cycle and also did some part time work at Cycletech which was a Canadian distributer of bicycles, parts, and accessories based out of Calgary.

John has always enjoyed travelling. He got his first taste of cycle touring in 1988 when he and a friend toured the South Pacific. He has visited nine countries by bike and has recently travelled with his family to Asia and South America. He is also involved in several niche sports including mountain bike polo and disc golf. He has been active in both grass and hard court mountain bike polo for over 20 years. Some call him the “grandfather” of mtb polo, but he likes to be called the “god father”. His achievements include 2nd in MTB Polo at the Colorado State Championships, and 1st place in the Durango MTB Polo Championships. He also has a unique collection of Ritchey bicycles along with a variety of antique bikes.

In 1991, Franzky began working at Bow Cycle and has never looked back. John began his career at Bow Cycle as a mechanic repairing and building bicycles. Over time as the business grew, John worked on the sales floor and eventually moved into a purchasing roll. Buying into the business in 2004 with four long time employees has taken him up to this point in his career where he enjoys working full time supporting all areas of the business.

Kevin Senior

Kevin Senior was born in Edmonton and moved to Calgary at the age of 5. He attended elementary school at Marion Carson and Jr. High School at F.E. Osborne. Kevin attended high school at Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island and graduated in 1983. Kevin was involved in many sports growing up including track & field, hockey, skiing, rugby, field hockey, soccer and bike riding. Currently Kevin likes to ski, golf and play hockey in the adult league.

Kevin is the nephew of the original founder of Bow Cycle Jim Sibthorpe Sr, and as a result began working at the shop as a student during the summers in high school. After high school, Kevin moved to Vancouver to attend Capillano College for a year before moving back to Calgary to continue his post secondary education at Mount Royal College. After one year at Mount Royal College, Kevin took a year off from studying and travelled to New Zealand and Australia. Upon returning in 1986, Kevin returned to post secondary studies at the University of Calgary for another three years.

In 1989, Kevin began to work at Bow Cycle full time and took on the role of purchasing bicycle parts and accessories. After three years at Bow Cycle, he was offered a position at Cycletech (a local distributer of bicycles, parts, and accessories) and became the product manager. In 1996, Cycletech was purchased by Bell Sports Canada and Kevin made the move to Montreal where he expanded his role to director of purchasing for the mass market and IBD segments. In 2000, Bell Sports closed down their Canadian distribution/ manufacturing facility and consolidated their Canadian operations with their main facility in San Jose California. At that time Kevin made the decision to move to San Jose and continue the role of Director of Canadian Operations. The following year, this position took him to Dallas Texas where he continued to work for Bell Sports for one more year. An organizational shuffle with Bell Sports forced Kevin to move onto other endeavors and at that point he began to work for Zefal USA where he took on the position of sales manager for North America.

In 2004, Bow Cycle & Sports was being reorganized and sold to four long term employees. At that point, the decision was made to try and involve Kevin in the purchase and reorganization of the new ownership group at Bow Cycle. Kevin accepted the offer and moved back to Calgary. With his extensive experience in the bicycle industry, Kevin took on the role of product manager and at the same time was elected president of Bow Cycle & Sports.

In addition to his work at Bow Cycle, Kevin has also been involved as a director with BTAC (Bicycle Trade Association of Canada) since 2009 and was elected president in 2011.

Kurt Christensen

Kurt Christensen was born and raised in Calgary where he currently resides with his wife and three children. Kurt grew up in the neighborhood of Cambrian Heights attending Cambrian Heights Elementary, Colonel Irving Jr. High, and James Fowler High School where he graduated in 1986. After high school, Kurt attended SAIT for several years.

During Jr. high school, Kurt was a carrier for the Calgary Mirror and eventually moved on to deliver the Calgary Herald newspaper. In high school, and for several years after, Kurt worked at the Calgary Sheraton Hotel as a bus boy and later a waiter. At the age of 22, Kurt began his 10 year career as a bartender where he worked at the Republik and the Mercury in Calgary.

Like most bicycle shop employees, Kurt has always been into owning and riding nice bikes. In the early 90’s, Kurt could often be seen riding his Kona Kilauea around town, frequenting Bow Cycle as a customer. In 1993, the owner/ manager at Bow Cycle recognized Kurt as “a friendly guy who knew a lot of people” and one day asked him if he would be interested in selling bikes for Bow Cycle. Kurt said yes and another long term eventual bicycle shop owner was created.

As a key salesperson, Kurt has always been one of the familiar faces of Bow Cycle. Over the years, he has consistently posted above average if not top sales numbers for the company. We would venture to say that there are not a lot of people who have sold as many bikes as Kurt. For years, Kurt was the sales manager and today operates as the sales director providing input on bicycle purchasing and working with the customers on the sales floor. In 2004, Kurt was involved along with four other long time employees in the purchase of Bow Cycle & Sports and today continues to operate one of the largest independent bicycle shops in the country.

Joel Sibthorpe

Joel is the assistant sales manager, and recently joined the ranks of owner. He has been at Bow Cycle since 2000 as far as the CRA is concerned, since he was 14. His grandparents started the company in 1957. Since then he has worked in many different departments at Bow the main ones being Service and Sales. His earliest memory of being at Bow was crawling around the front counter island of the old store as a baby. Now you can find his daughter Luna crawling around the front counter, maybe she’ll end up a manager one day too. Joel loves the job, the people, the atmosphere, and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Ben Schellenberg

Ben was a new addition to our team in 2015 and fit in quite well upon joining our service team! He is an avid mountain biker, his weapons of choice being his Knolly Podium and Transition Covert. Fun fact! Ben had a scholarship to play soccer at Olds College but turned it down to ride bikes (Talk about commitment!)

George Rocks

(Yes that’s his real name and he does!) A recent addition to our service department George provides unbelievable customer service at all times! He started at Bow Cycle in 2015 and has a good collection of bikes already, from an old cruiser, a winter commuter, a single speed, and multiple freeride bikes. He is a sucker for a good old game of hockey, skiing, and being outside!

Dakota Boyer

Dakota has been part of our Service department build shop team since 2014, and is an avid mountain biker. He has competed in multiple downhill competitions, but can handle more than just mountain bikes. His current line-up includes: Scott Gambler 710, Evil Sovereign, Cannondale Synapse, and FitBikeCo PRK2. Outside of biking, he likes to play guitar, work out, and knows how to get down.

James Fiander

James is an experienced mechanic that has been working in our service department since 2012. He is quite the outdoorsmen, you will find him outside all year round either camping, canoeing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, ski touring, or riding his Kona Honzo.

Mike Zelmer

Mike Zelmer, aka ‘Zelmer Fudd’, is a bicycle repair technician who works mostly in the Main Shop. He is an enthusiast and most recognizable having equipped his iconic leather tool-belt. In his off time, he hits the hills with his Kona Honzo or bombs the streets with his Masi CX Uno. The Masi has become his primary mode of transportation most of the year. Asides from biking, Zelmer takes to an assortment of creative projects, claiming to an emerging author, artist and actor.

Kevin Hipkin

Kevin works as a bike builder and mechanic in our service department. When it comes to riding, he is a mountain biker and does so on his Kona Process 153 DL. Alongside mountain biking he enjoys, snowboarding, playing guitar, drinking tea and coffee, art, and movies. He enjoys the mountains, the west coast and aspires to be a film maker!

Sam Finn

Sam has been a mechanic at Bow Cycle since 2009, most of that time has been spent in the Main Shop working at bike check-in. He mostly rides downhill bikes, however over the past few years he has found himself riding road and cross country more frequently. Unrelated to bikes, he is mostly interested in foreign affairs. In 2015, he received a bachelor’s degree of International Relations from the University of Calgary. During that time, he has traveled throughout Eastern Europe and East Asia as part of the international university program.

Quentin Norris

Quentin is a mechanic and bike builder in our service department. He enjoys both mountain biking and road biking. Aside from biking, he enjoys motocross, snowboarding, playing poker or cribbage, and drinking coffee. His mountain machine of choice is his old Devinci mountain bike!

Aaron Santucci

Aaron is one of our more experienced techs working in our service department. With a background in geology, Aaron spent several years working in the oil and gas sector where he discovered the office wasn’t a place he wanted to spend his working life. Upon his return from living abroad in 2013, he decided to leave the corporate world behind and turn his two-wheeled hobby into a full time career. When Aaron’s not spending time with his wife and his young son he can be found riding his mountain bikes (and occasionally the road bike), skiing, hiking, fishing and playing a bit of guitar.

Lance Hamilton

On April 1st, 1987, Lance burst into this world courtesy of Molly and Shawn Hamilton. As the second child in the family, he graduated from Springbank high school in 2005, then from Olds College in 2009. He had his first job in a bike shop in 2001, and is still working strong as our resident top shop weird guy. He is a top tier mechanic in our service department. Lance Raced DH, DS, 4X and enduro, but free riding is his true calling. 365 bike path predator. His other hobbies include riding bikes fast, snowboarding dangerously, drinking beer, and chasing girls.


Jason Zimmer

2017 marks season number 4 for Jason, who has worked from junior sales to our top tier in our salesmen rankings. From the mountains to the bike park Jason will be riding one of many bikes, from mountain, dirt jumping, to BMX. His lineup includes a Kona Explosif, Specialized Pitch FSR, or his Tweet Tweet steel framed bike. You can hear him coming for miles as his hobby outside of bikes include working on his Subaru.

Liz Russell

Liz has been a salesperson at Bowcycle for the past seven years and has recently taken over the bicycle fit department as a Specialized Body Geometry certified fit technician. Her past experience includes years of dedicated training for both short track speed skating and road bike racing, and as a result has spent many hours in the saddle.
These days her cycling is more recreational in nature leading out the Bowcyclists’ Ladies rides and mountain biking on her days off. Liz’s goal as a bike fitter is to ensure that each rider is one with their bike. Every person is unique and can benefit from a bike fit to ride longer, faster and pain free, Liz would like to help them achieve their cycling goals whether it be recreational or competitive.

Sean Miedema

Originally from Edmonton, Sean has worked an impressive retail career and most recently as a salesmen here at Bow Cycle, coming into his second season. Sean enjoys mountain biking, long-form journalism, sports writing, and video games. He is one of our in house techies, if you have a computer problem or task there is a good chance he can help you. If he had a perfect day, it would go as follows: Early morning wakeup, pot of coffee, read on the deck, load the bike into the car and go for some laps, finish with some craft beers, take the dogs to the park, Netflix and chill.

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel is Bow Cycles resident tough guy, as well as one of our top tier salesmen. When Dan isn’t riding his Santa Cruz 5010, you can find him in the gym. Dan has played Rugby for the Saints rugby club, Team Alberta, Junior Wolf Pack, and now at Mount Royal University, where he studies Health and Physical Education.

Ty Cutforth

Ty is one of our long term top tier salesmen, and has been part of the sales team since 2011. He is an all season commuter but his true passion lies in mountain biking. His favorite bike to ride is his Santa Cruz Nomad, but he also has a Chromag Samurai, and a Norco Sasquatch! He was lucky enough to ride with Steve Pete, and Josh ‘Rat Boy’ Bryceland, at the Santa Cruz Gold Rush 2016 product launch. He has almost a full shop in his basement and services all his bikes on his own. Outside of biking Ty plays a mean game of FROLF, boulders, plays and watches hockey, enjoys comics and anime. He is unfortunately an Oilers fan, but has a very cute dog to make up for it!

Jessica Patrick

Jessica’s sales tenure stretches back to 2012, and she has Bow Cycle in her blood as the fourth member of her family to be a part of the Bow Cycle team. She has two bikes in her fleet, a Masi single speed and a Surly Straggler Cyclocross. Even though you don’t often find her wearing any distinctive colour, all of her outdoor gear (bikes, fishing rod/tackle, and snowboards) has to be pink and/or purple and sparkly. It’s not odd for Jessica to run out of the store just to pet a dog and if there is a dog in the store, she will find it. When she’s not ripping it up on the sales floor, you can find her hiking with her best bud Bones, a 5 month old black lab pup, camping, fishing, or doing her eyebrows. She is part of the bicycle girl gang of Bow Cycle, and one of the many Bow Cycle employees to own a tricked out Toyota Tacoma. Don’t let looks deceive you, with her tattoos piercing and lack of colour, she is actually a big softy.


Val Turbak

Val is our cash and service manager. She enjoys mountain biking, and everyday commuting. She is a yoga teaching extraordinaire, and taught us all how to properly stretch to improve our cycling experiences. She also enjoys camping, hiking, gardening, traveling, doing anything DIY. She is also the founder of the Bow Cycle bicycle girl gang. Her bikes of choice are her Cannondale Althea and Kona Mohala.

Lauren Marshall

Lauren is one of our experienced cashiers working in both service cash, and front cash. Joining the team in 2014, Lauren is a fair weather commuter as well as a long tour weekend warrior. Whether it be on her Kona Rove or Specialized Crosstrail, you can find her ripping up paths and trails regularly. If she’s not biking you can find her camping, skiing, snowboarding, or somewhere in the world travelling her little heart out while drinking margaritas. Also a member of the Bow Cycle bicycle girl gang.

Andjela Petrovic

Andjela has been working here as a cashier since 2015. The proud owner of a Norco Charger 9.2, she is a casual cross country and mountain biker. She enjoys being outside whether hiking or riding her horse! She is a rugby all-star, but loves to go home and cuddle her dog. Having no shortage of hobbies, she kept busy for 13 years as an Irish dancer!

Matthew Metcalf

Matthew has been at Bow Cycle since 2014, working both at front cash and service cash. He is mainly a city commuter, on his old steel Miyata hybrid. His main hobbies include dog photography, video games, and watching hockey. Matt is our resident karaoke superstar, if there is a chance to sing he will be there, even if it is at home with his cats!

Mark Fedoroshyn

Mark, our Parts department manager, has been involved in the bike industry since the early 80’s. He has been racing in multiple disciplines of riding since 1984, starting with road crits and mountain bike races. He competes primarily in XC, TT, Road, and Cyclocross racing. He has quite a few nice bikes and none are stock. Considering his extensive knowledge about parts, you will find nothing but the best on one of his bikes. This winter season converted him into a Fat bike rider as well on his Specialized FatBoy. ‘Fed’ is a fun loving family man who is married with two sons.

Brandon Dixon

Our resident handy-man, parts wizard, Top Shop secretary and warranty sit in. Brandon has been at Bow Cycle since 2005 and has worked in almost every department! He usually headways all custom bike builds, helping the Top Shop with work orders, and Bart with small parts warranty! Outside of Bow Cycle, you’ll often find him fishing, riding to the bar, or shredding mountain-sides. Freeride being his top pick of riding styles, Brandon’s weapons of choice are his Norco Carbon Aurum, Kona Process 153, or his Straight 8 cruiser with a Monster T fork.

Bob Grunewald

Bob is our marketing wizard here at Bow Cycle, he has been a big part of Bow Cycle for many years (enough to guess his age but we’ll never know how old he is). The sleep deprived organizer of the Tour de Bowness, Cadence Cross and occasionally-ran Bow80, he is an avid cyclist and runner after giving up soccer to injuries and gets his competitive juices flowing during the CX season.  Outside of bikes Bob enjoys comic book collecting, coffee tasting/snobbery, craft beer exploration (IPAs suck and smoke should never be added to beer) and hanging with his little girl and wife. Bob fears his demise will be being crushed under his comic collection.

Shayne Saskoley

Shayne is a key component to the smooth functioning of our shipping and receiving (raving) department and has been since 2007! He owns a mid 80’s steel Bianchi for pathway cruising and downtown bombing, and a Chromag Monk for dirt jumping! He will never tell you how good he is a dirt jumping because he is the most modest man in the bike industry. Outside of biking he collects records, enjoys photography, and urban bird/squirrel watching. He can often be found rare record hunting, and making some solid tunes to rock out to.

Kristy Frizzell

All the fancy clothes you buy here have been handpicked by the one and only! Kristy has been with Bow Cycle since 2003, and is our clothing and accessory purchaser. Her favorite bikes to ride are full suspension carbon trail bikes. A self proclaimed bike snob, her personal bike stash includes a Santa Cruz carbon 5010, Santa Cruz Highball, and a 15 year old quarter horse! Wait no, that’s for the horse riding and jumping she does in her free time! She is also quite the runner, you can find her on the trails during every lunch break rain or shine!

Gail Johnson

Gail is our store merchandiser, the lady to make the store look at good as it does! She has been part of our team since 2013. Outside of Bow Cycle she loves to collect antiques, sew, garden, and enjoys black and white movies, and good music. She loves to travel to the state of Oregon (specifically Cannon Beach) and Louisiana, New Orleans.

Trevor Beblow

Trevor has been at Bow Cycle since 2008, he was one of our top tier salesmen who decided he was more of a behind the scenes kind of guy, so he now works in the warehouse and assists the purchasers. A 365 rider, you will find Trevor riding DH and single speed commuting on the very same day. Among his fleet, a Santa Cruz Nomad, Kona Operator, Cannondale SuperSix, Masi fixie, Sepcialized P3, Kona Fox, and an Electra Cruiser. He may seem like a rough and tough biker dude, but he also enjoys Yoga, Piano, laughing, and drinking coffee.

Spencer McLeod

Spencer has been working behind the scenes at Bow Cycle since 2005 (with a 2 year hiatus) He likes to stay active and eat healthy, while riding his 2003 Kona Stinky-Dee-Lux and 2012 Kona Fox. He likes to rock and/or roll by cranking some good 70’s and 90’s jams, banging the drums, and is always turning the stacks up to 11.