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Important Announcements




Valued current and future customers, please note the following important announcements from Bow Cycle.

1. Availability & arrival times

Due to ongoing circumstances beyond our control, we want to be very clear that deposits on all bicycles come with the warning that availability numbers and arrival times are subject to change.


It is not an easy decision to make but as more challenges get created in the bicycle industry, the less certain delivery dates become.

What do you mean by challenges?

There a numerous challenges. More and more people are buying/riding bicycles than ever before! This is a positive in many ways unless you need a bicycle. The demand is high and the brands are struggling to supply. But it is also world-wide and some countries will get more than others.

Supply shortages due to lower production levels and higher demand over the past year.

The world-wide pandemic has affected production around the world. Bicycle models will have entire line-ups halted because of a short supply of one piece. This causes further delays as they have to rearrange the production line for a different model. The component demand are pushing orders to 500 days lead time, this will also affect repairs later in the season. A more recent shortage in microchips will trickle into the e-bike category. Experts predict this will not be eased until 2023 at the earliest.

Major supply uncertainty (inventory numbers, shipping time frames).

As things open back up world-wide, items (not just bicycles) need to be shipped in containers and this is creating a demand for containers limiting availability. There is also congestion at nearly every port in the world. This causes delays.

What does this mean for the cycling consumer?

  • Limited supply/shortages on bikes, parts, and accessories
  • Uncertain and potentially changing timelines
  • Probable price increases to cover costs of increased shipping
  • Difficulties repairing bicycles over the coming year.
    All deposits are logged by date and time to ensure fairness.

2. Phone calls

We are inundated with phone calls.

We receive over 1000+ phone calls a day. And try as much as we can, we cannot answer all of them. Shopping via the website is quick and easy, especially if the product is available. We are asking that if you cannot get through to please send an email and they will be directed to each department and we will try to answer each as quickly as we can.

3. Service

Due to high demand, we must change our service procedures.

We are still taking appointments to work on bikes, however we will not be storing bikes until just prior to their service date. Once we have checked over your bike and made an appointment, your bike must go home with you. With the lack of repair parts, we will apologize in advance for possible lengthy time with some repairs.

Thank you, and keep riding!!