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Blivet Tindr Tire Cover

Blivet Tindr Tire Cover
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With the increasing popularity of sharp metal studs, the protection of the interiors of your vehicule has become a source of puzzle for fatbike enthusiasts. Fans of the sport in order to avoid calcium on the roads damaging the bike parts carry their bikes inside the car, which day after day damages the car paint, inde side pannles, doors, seats. Blivet Sports now offers the solution: the TINDR tire cover.

The center of the TINDR tire cover which covers the studded portion of the tire is made of high-durability 600-denier polyester. The sides covering the side walls of the tire are made of highly flexible nylon with an elastic band to perfectly fit the shape of the tire. The wheels rotate without restriction, the bike rolls, no need to lift the bike to move it!

The TINDR tire cover is very easy to install, extra durable, a must!


One pair (FT + RR wheel) for one bike
One size fits all
Suitable for 26’’ wheels x 4.0 up to 4,8 & 27.5’’ wheels x 3.8 up to 4.5
Center section made of high-durability 600-denier polyester.
Side sections made of highly flexible nylon with elastic bands.

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