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Bow Cycle Bow Cycle 4oz Chain Lube

Bow Cycle Bow Cycle 4oz Chain Lube
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Bow Lube is Back!

Designed and made in Canada by GoBig Oil

GoBig Oil/Bow Lube is specially formulated for bicycles. As passionate cyclists and lubrication specialists we know what we want from a chain lube. Starting with the highest quality base fluid results in the purest oil for your bike. Not all base fluids are refined equally. A lower quality fluid could still contain petroleum products that will eventually create gummy build up on chains, derailleur wheels, and cogsets. Next we put chemistry to work, preventing moisture from affecting functionality. We have also added rust and corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure agents, friction modifiers, and anti-oxidation additives to ensure your expensive components will last through all of Mother Nature’s elements. This is without a doubt the most fully formulated chain oil in the world. For your two wheeled best friend, nothing less will do.

Part Numbers

110-1010LUBE 69-110-1010